Bespoke Client Servicing

With our deep understanding of the insurance market place when dealing with our clients we understand that every customer is different. We design a servicing arrangement that each individual client is happy with rather than adopting a one size fits all mentality of our competitors

Claims Management

Dealing with all new claims notifications on our clients behalf, compiling claims reports and incident analysis for review meetings giving transparency towards the client and insurer.

Insurance Procurement

Ensuring market stability when performing insurance placement, therefore instilling confidence through rigorous checks on insurer suitability and insurer rating.

Business Analysis

At arranged meetings with you throughout the course of the year we can meet members of the general staff and management teams to make sure complete understanding of business activities and challenges you may face are known to us in order to advise on the insurance elements accordingly.

Insurance Audit

Reviewing Insurer providers and insurer market analysis giving complete piece of mind that other comparable covers are looked at and recommended should they be more suitable.