Our Services

Our Core Services

We offer a unique and tailored approach when managing your insurances and reviewing them working closely with you throughout the year rather than just at renewal stage. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business when exploring how this may impact your insurance needs.


The Manufacturing sector is one of unique importance economically with numerous challenges, processes and rigorous demands that are time consuming and costly. Working with an Insurance broker who understands manufacturing concepts, processes and markets is a prime asset when delivering insurance coverage and policies that respond in the correct fashion.


Whether you are a Haulage Contractor, Coach or Bus/Minibus Operator, Taxi Operator or a business with a fleet of vehicles we have the ability to transport you to the right product and the right cover. We work with many of our insurer partners, establishing specific products for our client needs within the transportation sector.

SME Insurance

We all know how difficult, time consuming and stressful running a small business or new business start-up can be. Which is why Co Protect work with small business and start-ups to make sure your insurance is the piece of the jigsaw which relieves your stress levels, provides peace of mind knowing your policy is adequate and can be relied upon when it really matters.

Professional Indemnity

If you are alleged to have provided inadequate advice, services or designs, professional indemnity insurance provides cover for the legal costs and expenses in defending the claim, also compensation to rectify the mistake made.

Commercial & Residential Property

Insurance for a single property to a large portfolio. From a residential home to your commercial industrial units provided by our leading insurers. Cover for Residential and Commercial Unoccupied properties also.

Directors & Officers Liability

Protecting acting directors of your company board and managers within your business for legal defences when performing your company duties.

Employers Liability

Employers liability insurance is required by law within the UK, which protects your business arising from events of illness or injury to an employee whilst working on company business.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance protects your business from members of the public, visitors and clients who suffer personal injury & property damage as a result of interacting physically with your business. It caters for compensation claims , required legal expenses and is an integral part when you are dealing with members of the public in the course of your company operation.

Product Liability

Product liability is an element of insurance coverage usually grouped together with Public Liability. Numerous industries rely upon Product Liability that manufacture, distribute or sell products should the product be responsible for any injuries to the public caused by the product being sold.

Bespoke Client Servicing

With our deep understanding of the insurance market place when dealing with our clients we understand that every customer is different. We design a servicing arrangement that each individual client is happy with rather than adopting a one size fits all mentality of our competitors

Claims Management

Dealing with all new claims notifications on our clients behalf, compiling claims reports and incident analysis for review meetings giving transparency towards the client and insurer.

Insurance Procurement

Ensuring market stability when performing insurance placement, therefore instilling confidence through rigorous checks on insurer suitability and insurer rating.

Business Analysis

At arranged meetings with you throughout the course of the year we can meet members of the general staff and management teams to make sure complete understanding of business activities and challenges you may face are known to us in order to advise on the insurance elements accordingly.

Insurance Audit

Reviewing Insurer providers and insurer market analysis giving complete piece of mind that other comparable covers are looked at and recommended should they be more suitable.

Risk Management & Assessment

We will work closely with you when reviewing your claims experience, analyzing any trends which may form, dealing with any changes within your business with commitment to improving your risk at all times.