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CoProtect are Moving Premises

We are so excited that CoProtect are moving premises to a larger location. in order to employ new staff members to be part of our team and to look after our clients company insurance needs.

The last year has been very challenging for all businesses, however the hard work really starts here for CoProtect. We are looking forward to providing services to existing clients and reaching out to new clients to provide the level of service and advice that is deserved within the insurance sector.

Helping and assisting to navigate these turbulent and tough times within the insurance marketplace to facilitate business growth. Dealing with our clients throughout the year rather than just at renewal stage. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent in all of our insurer and client dealings, putting our clients businesses at the forefront in order to achieve the best outcomes in any eventuality.

With so many large broking houses amalgamating there has never been a better time to have direct contact with us to provide the right advice, handle your business insurance needs and claims from start to finish rather than a call centre.

For a free business audit, meeting, zoom call or telephone call to discuss your company insurance needs, call us on 01763 772033

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